Welcome to The Living Room!

Welcome to The Living Room!

I'm developing this blog to foster a warm community of people interested in ideas, art, science and practice around personal development and flourishing.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Why? But why?

My darling nearly-three year old has just reached the stage of asking "Why?" to just about everything. Last night, when I told her I loved her, she asked me why. Because you're you, my heart!

This period of gentle interrogation has got me to thinking about the role of curiosity in our adult lives. What could do with some questioning? When and where are we cruising on assumptions when we could benefit from cultivating an attitude of open-minded inquiry?

More on this soon. Favourite topic of yours? Send me your thoughts and ideas!

In the meantime, two updates:

First, keep an eye out on Monday (11 April) for a new article at Flying Solo. This one is about feedback, so if you think it's bollocks let me know.

Second, my year of non-drinking continues. Various people have complimented my willpower but it honestly hasn't felt like it has required any force of will.  Taking an attitude of neutral mindfulness whenever temptation arises really does seem to have worked for me. I observe it (with curiosity!) and it falls away easily. Where might this approach be worth a try for you?

Until next time and beyond, happiness to you.

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